'99 Poland - Sinai (Egypt) - Poland Trip 




G.: We returned from our '98 trip totally overwhelmed. It seemed like nothing could surpass our experiences but a trip to South America. Still at the moment it wasn’t realistic. I truly planned to give myself a break and stay in Canada for the summer of  ’99. Yet, I couldn’t resist the temptation and in the fall of ’98, without making any serious plans, I purchased my bike. It was a good all rounder, a naked 1983 GPZ 550 in a very nice condition. Since Jacek was too hot to travel, it wasn’t difficult for him to convince me (if someone wants to do things, I am first to accompany). 

The plan was to conclude our Mediterranean experience. That meant we would go to Greece, Turkey and Israel. We had several plans how to get to Israel and back. 

Plan 1: Poland to Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel and back by boat to Turkey. We soon learned that if we wanted to do so Jacek would have to get his Israeli visa in Jordan, which was too risky. We also found out that there was no boat from Israel to Turkey. 

Plan 2: We would take a boat from Turkey to Cyprus and from Cyprus to Israel. This plan wasn’t going to work either. So what there are boats to all these destinations if no one can cross the border between Northern and Southern Cyprus and no Turkish boat would go to Southern Cyprus. 

We had to stick to the most common route, which was Greece (Athens or Rodos) to Limasol, Cyprus, to Haifa, Israel, and back. Since it would be a crime to be in Israel and not to visit Dahab again, we decided to do so. This time we didn’t have to do a lot of phoning, faxing and all this stuff. Jacek only needed a visa to Israel, which after a few problems and refusals was finally issued.

In May ’99 we started doing thorough tune-ups and we bought some parts, mainly new tires and brake pads. We also arranged a shipper. This time we chose a Polish company, since we wanted to send our bikes directly to Poland. We used the same crates we built for '98 trip.

In the mean time Lucas was also getting ready. He arranged all his visas to the Middle East and was to leave for Paris at the end of June. He was to ride south through Italy, take a ferry to Greece, and then he would take another ferry from Athens to Israel. The plan was to meet somewhere on the way. Unfortunately the plan was never realized.       

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