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Before I departed for Poland, I had purchased a new camera: Sony P-73, digital - what a convenience to see pictures just seconds after they were taken!

My preparations in Poland involved getting the bike ready. I used the friendly service of Yamaha dealership in Bydgoszcz : tires, battery, tune-up, air-filter, fixed the faulty charging system.

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I left on Friday afternoon having plenty of time to get to Swinoujscie and to board the ferry to Ystad, Sweden.

Driving through Sweden, I stopped briefly in Goteborg.

Oslo, Norway's capital city.


Heddal Stave Church in Western Norway.

Store Nupsfonn mountain pass.

Numerous waterfalls. I chose one of them as a camp site. In Norway and Sweden, it is legal to camp anywhere either on public or private grounds 150 m from any buildings.


One of numerous ferry crossings.

Peaceful town of Tysse.


Bergen and its Bryggen medieval quarter.


An abandoned tunnel...

and winding roads.


Aurlands fjord.


Morning "bath."

Camping in a forest.

Stave church in Borgund - built in 12th century.

Tyin Lake.



Glaciers in the Jotunheimen National Park.


Narrow roads along the fjords.


Another glacier and another fjord.


Isolated Geiranger fjord.


Trollstigen pass.


Click to see a MOVIE (.mpg) of Trollstigen Pass:


Northern Norway landscape.


Gronlingrotten Cave.

Crossing the Arctic Circle


Camping in -2 Celsius temperature.


Grass-covered house in Northern Norway.

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Sweden, Finland

Gammelstaden near Lulea, Sweden.


Kuopio, Finland.


Finland - country of countless lakes and flat roads.

Porvoo Old Town near Helsinki.






Click to see MOVIES (.mpg) of street musicians:
Xylophones    Guitar    Saxophone


Suomenlinna Island in Helsinki.


Ferry from Helsinki to Tallin: 80 km in 1 hour 20 min.

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Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

Tallin, Estonia.



Riga, Latvia.


Click to see MOVIES (.mpg) of night entertainment in Riga:
 Older crowd  Young crowd 


Back in my hometown, Torun, Poland



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Personal Observations

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Trip summary (dates, km):

TOTAL: 6,074 km.

All maps originate from Library of University of Texas website: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/europe.html

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