'02 / '04 Cuba

From a backpacker and a motor biker's perspective

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This paragraph will be short. Pack as little as you can. No visas required. End of story. 

Havana area

After a 8-hour long flight (instead of 3), I arrived in Varadero around 1 after midnight. The plane was delayed, then it had to drop off some passengers in the Dominican Republic, and then we had to wait for the "fuel truck" to gas the plane up. 

I checked in the Pullman Hotel around 2 a.m. 

Pullman Hotel in Varadero, first and last hotel I stayed at in Cuba   

Not being a great fan of a beach, I left for Havana the next day. I spent 2 days there. 

Catedral de San Cristobal de La Habana  Habana: Street scene   Taxi/bus stop near Capitolio Nacional  


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Pinar del Rio Province on 50cc Suzuki     

I rented 50cc Suzuki for three days for US$20 a day and travel around. 

On the Astro bus (for Cubans) to Pinar del Rio    Mural de la Prehistoria in Vinales  Local band in Vinales

Off-road travel on RMX50 in Vinales area  Buying a sandwich at a street stand  Empty Playa Pajaro - wrong season. Cubans flock here in July and August

Casa particular near Cayo Levisa - with French tourists  Cuban way of transporting live stock (it's a pig!)  Sierra del Rosario. Mountains in the east part of Pinar del Rio province

Gas was easy to obtain. RMX - a great machine  A friendly Cuban/Bulgarian family who let me stayed with them overnight  Cuban farmer and his mules near Santa Lucia

Fidel, what's up!  Yummy - fresh lobster. Illigal if served in a private paladar

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Malecon street, right on the ocean  Cuban-made camello: a "bus" pulled by a tractor trailor  

Plaza de la Revolucion: once a month you can buy produce here:   ... meat....  

... fruit...  ... after which you can take one of the luxurious taxis home  

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Matanzas and Cienfuegos provinces

Took a taxi to Cienfuegos. 

Parque Jose Marti in Cienfuegos  Parque Jose Marti in Cienfuegos  

Playa Giron - a paradise for scuba divers  Getting ready to dive in the Bay of Pigs  

Bay of Pigs  Underwater attractions  


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Trinidad Area

1948 Chevrolet (taxi!) that took me from Playa Giron to Cienfuegos  New Year's Eve in Trinidad  Live band in Trinidad  

One of the side street in colonial Trinidad  Plaza Mayor, Trinidad  Underwater wonders, Playa Ancon near Trinidad

Nice place to visit. 


It was a nice break from a cold Canadian winter. 

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Personal Observations

Culture is tremendously rich. The country is poor but friendly and safe. 


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'02 Trip summary:

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